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Raise funds together with your team or school fast and effortlessly by selling digital e-books. Simply sell from anywhere to anywhere, no fundraising minimum, hidden costs or fees while retaining 50% of all the sales . Register to get started today!

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Fundraising is fun!

At Turbo Fundraising, we understand the importance of making fundraising both easy and effective for your team, class, or organization. With our user-friendly interface and seamless processes, we aim to empower you in achieving your fundraising goals. From selling digital products to managing contributions, our platform streamlines the entire experience.

Let’s make your campaign a success together. Start exploring the ease and effectiveness of fundraising with Turbo Fundraising today!


Start collecting funds today and stop whenever you have reached your goals or the set time deadline. You are in full control of the duration of your fundraising campaign!

Dream makers

Transform dreams
into reality!

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Digital Fundraising

Transform dreams into reality with fundraising for your cause.

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Joy Together

Be a part of a joy-filled journey

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Retain 50% of all the sales. No hidden fees or costs!

Happy stories

Real examples


Volleyball team

The volleyball team turned their dream trip into reality by utilizing fundraising efforts, allowing them to compete against teams from all over the country. An exciting journey fueled by teamwork and community support!


School class

Thrilled with excitement, a school class successfully organized and funded a memorable trip, marking the perfect culmination of our final year together.


Fotball team

A football team in need of more training equipment achieved their goal through successful fundraising efforts!

Why people choose us

Throughout the years, our unwavering focus has been dedicated to achieving multiple pivotal fundraising objectives.


Experience rapid fund growth by leveraging the simplicity of selling e-books.


Enjoy the flexibility – you and your group can achieve impressive results without investing extensive time. Effortless yet impactful, your success is within reach!

Easy to use

Sign up, and you're all set to kickstart your fundraising journey, raising funds with ease from the get-go!

Everyone can support

The collection of e-books is tailored for a broad audience, ensuring that everyone can find something they like or are interested in.

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Sign up by pressing the 'Get Started' button on our homepage. Simply provide a few details, and you'll be all set to begin your funding endeavors.

Register sellers

Once you've signed up you will be able to Invite members of your group to become sellers.

Personal shops

Sellers of your group will all have personal shop links that they can share to people they know or to anyone that wants to support them and your group.


Payouts are seamlessly processed to the bank account you've registered through our trusted partner, Stripe—an internationally acclaimed payment infrastructure for the internet, trusted by millions worldwide

No obligations

You have no obligations to do anything after you have signed up with us. If you don't want to start fundraising or if you want to stop you can simply do so whenever you want to without any costs whatsoever.

Digital products

Your group will be selling digital e-books, and buyers will gain immediate access with no additional effort required from the group. A seamless and efficient process for everyone involved.

Their groups all reached their goals!

Harriet Bailey


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John Stark

Fotball coach

Melinda Schiller

Lead teacher

words from a parent
I highly recommend Turbo Fundraising for any group. It just works seamlessly, sparing parents from unnecessary hassle and time-consuming tasks. The younger generation is already accustomed to online processes, making it a sensible and effortless choice.
Emily Mitchell

More than just raising funds

Turbo fundraising - It's a joy!